Massage & Bodywork


Relaxing, Healing, Pain relieving

I combine Swedish massage with deep tissue massage, for a truly relaxing and effective treatment which allows you to drift away while easing stress, anxiety, daily aches & pains, muscle knots and helping you feel like you again


Listening with my hands and working with the body, applying knowledge and incorporating various techniques and stretches from my training, depending on what your body needs and the type of treatment you're wanting


A consultation is done before your treatment, where we go over how you’re feeling, any areas of concern or pain & which areas of the body you would like worked on. For example you might just want a relaxing full body, or full body with focus on the shoulders. Many people just want focus on their back, neck & shoulders, where jobs and lifestyles have affected their posture and this is where they feel pain. Some people, such as runners, ask for specific areas such as legs and feet

It's your massage and can be totally tailored to your needs

30 minutes £30

60 minutes £60

90 minutes £90

120 minutes £120


Please note

The 'no pain no gain' and 'go as hard as you can’ are pretty outdated terms now when it comes to massage. I work firm yes and go deeper where I need to, you will definitely feel like you’ve had a decent massage, but I believe in working with the body rather than just forcing my way in. I have very good knowledge of the muscles and have studied pain patterns so that I can effectively treat you while keeping it relaxing. At times it may be painful but it should feel more relieving than anything else. The body responds well to this and the results last longer. This is why I combine Swedish & deep tissue, it is the perfect combination


How often should you get massage?

Regular sessions are recommended at least every 4-6 weeks

With regular massage we can keep your body in check

Tell me how you're feeling on the day, Are you feeling stressed? Are you in pain? Have you done something different that's affected your body, for example you might have done a long car journey or taken up a new sport. I will work the massage around what you tell me on the day and what I feel, or you can simply just say 'I'll have my usual'


Clients who come regularly say they notice a difference in how they feel if they leave it longer than usual between sessions, which shows just how beneficial regular sessions are


Some reasons why people get massage:




Run down


Dealing with trauma


Struggling to sleep

Walking around in pain

Need to relax

Doing something for themselves; ‘me time’


If you find yourself saying things like 'I'm neglecting my body, then please remember that what you should be saying is 'I'm neglecting me'. You are your body and it deserves some love and healing




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